DIY hydrogen engine- run your car on tap water

run car on tap water, diy hydrogen engine plans
Although we cannot guarantee it, we believe these plans will enable you to build a car that runs on water.

If you test it out, though, do as the plan writer suggests and use an old car that doesn’t represent a loss of value if you can’t make it work. And leave everything intact so that you can always reconnect back to gas if you have to.

But if you do get it working, please send us your experience for our readers. You could be a national hero and help save our country and our world.

We know for certain that an automobile will run on water. So this could be an interesting project for you mechanical types, with a great reward of never having to purchase gasoline for the rest of your life — and helping humanity at the same time.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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