Bale loader material conveyor machine homebuilt gold mining equipment

material conveyor bale loader mining farm equipment

This multi-purpose motor driven homemade material conveyor can be used for mining at the quarry or on the farm in the field.

This bale loader is constructed almost entirely
of discarded car parts and stock
sizes of both angle iron and sheet metal
The neat, trim lines of the bale loader, shown above
in operation, will appeal to every farmer who likes
to build efficient, labor-saving equipment in his shop

BUILT BY Lem Shaw and George Hammerschmidt,
California ranchers, this
efficient bale loader, coupled to the side of
a truck, picks up individual bales from the
field and elevates them high enough to enable
one man to build a six-tier load on
either a truck or trailer platform.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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