Kids electric scoot car diy kit plans homemade gocart

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It’s a electric scooter, its a electric cart, its an ELECTRIC SCOOT CAR!

Here’s a sidewalk special for young hot rodders that
safely takes the corner on two wheels,
has two forward speed and brakes that stop on a dime
This is the parallel-arm steering gear being
placed in position. Pivot links are bolted
to the deck, using washers and lockouts
• ONE FULL BATTERY CHARGE readies Scootcar
for hours of fun. Cornering wheels, one on
each side of the chassis, give the driver sure
stability from a standing start, and a near top
speed of 10 to 12 miles per hour puts the car up
on two wheels where it steers and controls like
a car, but rides like a speedy low-slung scooter.
When cornering, the car leans over on one or
the other of the outrider wheels, enabling the
driver to keep safe, full control when turning.
Power and brake application are controlled by
pedals with strong return springs. Release the
power pedal, hit the brake hard and Scoot-car
stops within its length of 4 ft.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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