Homemade fiddle violin diy woodworking project kit

homemade violin, fiddle diy woodworking plans

A SURE-FIRE “conversation
piece”, this medieval-style
fiddle makes a highly decorative
wall ornament for the music
or game room. More than just
a piece of interesting bric-a-brac,
the instrument can actually be
played and has a very unique and
pleasing musical quality. Early
bowed instruments, ancestors of
the modern violin, were of this
general shape, probably due to
the influence of the Arabian two string
rehab from which the later
European rebec seems to have been developed.
Violins, shaped as we know them, did not appear
until the 16th century, developed by the Amati
brothers from basic lines of Gasparo Bertolotti’s
This instrument is of the late slender
rebec style, using a violin-type neck which probably
a music critic would say places it in the
Klein-Geigen group of three-string fiddles. True
rebecs were basically one structure, body and
neck, with a step-down at the soundboard. We
chose the later style fingerboard because it is
easier to build and to play with modern technique,
yet is still quite authentic. If you think a
vast amount of skill is required to make an instrument
with good tonal qualities, be prepared
for a pleasant surprise. The rebec goes together
easily and a little attention to a few details will
produce an instrument that is a far cry from the
general run of “cigar-box” fiddles.

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