Homebuilt scooter minibike diy project

diy scooter, gas powered motor bike homemade

If you can fix a bike, you can build a
put-put that’s almost as convenient as
a second car and costs far less to run.

You simply get on this homemade scooter
and go. There’s no clutch, no gearshift.
Open the throttle and you’re off. Tackling a
grade? It shifts down automatically. When
the going is easy, it shifts up again.
Hard to build? No. Though it looks like
something off a sweet-running assembly line,
it isn’t a tough job. If you can take a bike
apart and get it together again, you can
handle this, too.
Scooters are taking thousands to work,
school, play, and the corner drugstore for
just pennies a day. And no wonder. These
little puddle jumpers are a cinch to handle.
They park on a grease spot, and can be
licensed at bargain rates. This one’s a bargain
in other ways, too.
What’s it got? A lot, in view of today’s
high prices. Here’s what your money buys:
An easy-starting, lightweight two-cycle engine,
an automatic clutch with variable drive
ratio, an efficient brake, pneumatic tires,
chain drive, lights, and a spring-mounted
foam-rubber seat.
The engine is the most expensive item,
but fortunately there are reliable two-cycle
engines available. If you
have a suitable engine or can rebuild a used
one, this figure
can drop to the vanishing point.
What’ll it do? You won’t beat even a
Model A from the light in this little job.
But the take-off is smooth, and you’ll get
where you’re going at something like 20
miles an hour. Although it would bust before
making Pikes Peak, it will take you up
easy grades and can be walked up stiff ones
under its own power. The brake is effective,
starting is a cinch, and roadability is good.
The machine is light enough to carry if
necessary, and one man can put it into an
auto luggage compartment.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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