Ironing board diy woodworking project

woodworking ironing board plans diy
Get your ironing done the old fashioned way with a real wood ironing board like grandma used to use. They sure are more heavy and sturdier than those cheap chinese ones at the big box store.

Grab a stack of wood from the lumber yard , then cut out and dowel-together this bad boy and your iron chores are all taken care of for the next decade, or until your house burns down.

This ironing board could also double as a surfboard or snowboard too!

Downscale it to kids size so little sis can get domesticated.
WHILE the little girl happily joins Mom in doing
the family ironing, Mom can relax in the knowledge this
toy ironing board can be folded
up and tucked in the closet
when the ironing is finished.
The ironing board is cut
from ½ in. fir plywood and the
legs from ¾ x 1¼ in. pine.
Five ½ in. dowels are used as
crosspieces when assembling
the legs. The holes in the legs
for these dowels should be
carefully located and drilled
to assure proper folding of
the board for storage.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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