Kids electric roadster car diy kit project

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Check out this sleek art deco ride straight out of a lost “Leave it to Beaver” episode. Watch the grandkids jaws drop when you unveil this little roadster next Christmas.

Youngsters and craftsman fathers
alike will get a thrill out of this
tiny play car, which looks and drives like a
real automobile except that it’s scaled down
to sidewalk-coaster size and travels at slow,
safe speeds. It’s driven by an auto starter
motor of the type having a built-in reduction
gear and is fitted with a foot brake, lever-
operated clutch, pneumatic tires and
a conventional steering gear. As pictured
above, the original car measures 58 in. overall
length, with a 42-in. wheelbase and 20-
in. tread, but allowable variations in dimensions
and the necessity of adapting certain
parts according to availability, may change
these dimensions slightly. For these reasons
certain dimensions have been purposely
omitted and adaptation or substitution of
parts has been left to the discretion of the
builder. An example is the length and type
of the springs specified in the construction
details. Obviously, these can be longer, or
even slightly shorter than the lengths given.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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