Limestone spreader farm truck equipment diy plans

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Spread dirt, crap, limestone, magic dust, agent orange, rubber ducks or whatever else floats your boat with this antique homemade spreader right off old macdonalds farm with a oink oink here and a cluck cluck there.

This here piece of old timey farm equipment probably doesn’t have the computer chips that todays advanced computer-controlled crap spreaders have, but look at it’s artistic linear wood homemade construction… that’s form… AND function!

Saves, Time and Material
HERE’S a practical and
inexpensive spreader
for handling any finelyground
fertilizing material
such as rock or lime phosphate,
limestone, etc. It is
made almost entirely of
wood, only a few pieces of
flat iron, rods and bolts being
required. It will operate
satisfactorily at speeds up to
10 m.p.h. Photo above shows the
spreader in use on a truck,
but it operates equally well
on a rubber-tired tractor
trailer or an ordinary farm
wagon. About all that is
necessary to adapt it is to
change the length of the
hangers and perhaps the
“knocker” or agitator arm.
On a farm wagon, the knockerarm
contacts on the wheel can be
clamped to the spokes.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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