Bending machine tool diy project

metal shaping tool, metal bending tool free diy plans
With a little help from this homemade metal bender you can bend metal just like Superman! HERE’S A METAL SHAPER FOR YOUR SHOP.
If you are sick and tired of looking around your shop and seeing a lot of straight metal, then stick it in this swell bending machine from 1955 and you can BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM! Go ahead, keep on bending. Keep on bending until every piece of metal in your shop and house is good and bent, and then keep on bending until the white van pulls up to take you away to the nut house.

A METAL SHAPER is indispensable for
certain machining operations where
flat surfaces must be produced within very
close limits, such as machining flats on castings,
cutting keyways, rabbets and grooves
and reducing the thickness of stock to a
given dimension. This one has a 3-in.
stroke, is manually operated and has been
especially designed to reduce machine operations
in the construction to the minimum.
Cold-rolled-steel flats and squares
are utilized for nearly all operating parts
and the frame and base. These parts you
can purchase cut to size with “store” edges
at a very reasonable cost per piece. Joining
edges and flat surfaces can be finished by
hand to remove saw or flame marks and
square the surfaces for fitting.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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