Hydroplane hydrofoil model boat diy kit project

model boat hydrofoil military US Navy replica boatbuilding free diy plans kit

Ever want to make something and then stick it on the lake,
watch it speed and fly away never to be seen or heard from again until
you see some bird has made a nest out of the broken twisted wreckage?

Well, now you can by building the model boat from these plans and letting it loose on the lake!

Hydrofoils are fast, and with no remote control attached, this is probably a diy project with a very unhappy ending. But for the sadists out there, read on.

MODEL HYDROPLANE Skims the lake.
Pusher prop spun by model-plane
engine gives high performance.
Construction is easy and fast
hydrofoils have been around for some
time, but even so, nothing on the boating
scene draws every eye like a hydroplane
lifting out of the water as it gains speed.
Even the U.S. Navy has been attracted
to foils, and has tested them on its fast
PT boats.
The model plans here can be completed
in a couple of work sessions. Surface-
piercing foils and air-prop drive give
it speed and stability with minimum complexity.
Construction is far simpler than
you’d guess from the performance.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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