60 mpg homebuilt super scooter diy plans

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Yo check out this sleek mini-bike with the art deco style that
you can build in your garage in just 1 weekend. For one-third the price of a commercial unit you can build this 60-plus miles per
gallon motor scooter.

Made mostly out of scrap angle iron you can salvage
off old bed frames, the Super Scooter can be constructed by anyone who has access to the average number of metal-working
tools. The power Unit in the original is a
1½-hp. Briggs & Stratton Series “N” aircooled
gasoline engine. This was considered
to be sufficient power for Jacksonville. Florida,
its home, because that area is so flat that
hill-climbing ability isn’t required. For hilly
country—or if you like to “get away” with a
zoom—we suggest you install the larger
Series “B” Briggs & Stratton power plant or
an engine of comparable size. The interior of
the Super Scooter is sufficiently large to
permit easy mounting of the bulkiest ¾ hp
engines on the market.
Although somewhat larger than the popular
commercial units, you’ll find the Super
Scooter as easy to ride as it is to build. The
leatherette upholstered seat and sprung
wheels will make riding soft while the rear
compartment will easily accommodate a fair
sized assortment of groceries, picnic lunch,
tools or the like. And don’t forget the 60 plus
miles to the gallon!

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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