Table saw and radial saw extension table diy woodworking plans

homebuilt diy extension for table saw and radial saw, wood shop tools
One of the great advantages of a
radial-arm saw is the ease with
which you can make cuts on long pieces
of material. But this feature is like a
seed: You must nurture it to make it
wholly operational. You must provide a
long enough platform for work support.
Contractors, who use machines outdoors
and have no space limitations, do this by
adding roller-type extensions. It’s then no
chore to square off the end of two-by
stock 20′ or more long. Though this
example may seem extreme, the fact is
that you need a similar setup on your
radial-arm saw even if the lengths you
ordinarily work with are 8′ or less.
Two solutions are offered here. Both extensions
are permanently attached to the
saw, but the roller extension can
be knocked down by removing a
few screws, and the hinged extension
flips down when not in use,
taking little more room than the
saw itself.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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