Turn your farm tractor into a forklift vintage diy plans

tractor fork lift attachment vintage free diy plans drawings how to
Wow can you really turn a tractor into a forklift? Check out these great vintage plans to find out how to build this unique attachment yourself for pennies on the dollar!

An easy-to-assemble fork lift adds a lot of muscle to any yard tractor, letting you hoist, load, and stack bulky items that would otherwise be backbreakers.

Two handles, within easy reach at the top of the hood control the rigs dual action. One pivots the entire frame to tilt the forks down(for picking up a load) or up(for carrying it).

The other is a handle on an inexpensive winch, for wing in a cable that passes over 2 pulleys and ties into the fork plate. Skate wheels guide this plate up a channeled frame.

When the tractor is needed for other uses, the lift is easily detached by removal of 3 to 5 bolts.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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