Make a walk-behind homebuilt tractor out of old car parts diy plans

build your own walk behind tractor diy instructions plans project
Don’t send that old car to the crusher! Recycle it the green way by turning it into a walk-behind farm tractor. These free vintage plans show you how.

Homemade garden tractor has 4-cylinder power, differential,
dual transmission, starter, variable
tread and hand-controlled brakes.
Built from a few pieces of pipe,
pipe fittings and old auto parts
including the engine, this powerful
garden tractor handles all the larger
garden-tractor implements such
as a 10 or 12-in. turning plow, 5 or 6-
ft. disk harrow, any of the larger
cultivators, mowing machines, etc.,
with plenty of power left over for
the hard pulls. Because of its extra
weight and compact-unit construction
it’s easy to handle even on the
heaviest jobs. Stability and balance
plus a close throttle control make it
easy to steer and prevent whipping
of the handles so common the
lighter garden tractors.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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