Homebuilt periscope diy woodworking project

homemade homebuilt wood periscope diy plans surveillance

Periscopes… they’re not just for submarines anymore! Now you can be the biggest peeping tom in the whole neighborhood with your very own homebuild periscope you can build in your own backyard using these vintage diy plans. Snoop on your neighbors like snoop doggy dog… Just a couple of mirrors, some scrap lumber and this instant free plan download gets you started.

Periscope which a boy can make is useful for home and business surveillance. Mention of periscopes were quite common in the reports from European battle fields in WWII; such a device in a simple
form can be made easily by boys who have fair skill with tools. The illustration above shows a periscope which may
be used for play, and has other practical uses as well. In a store or other place where a person on duty cannot
watch all parts of the establishment, such a device is convenient in that it will reflect persons entering the door.
As a toy or for experimental purposes
the periscope shown has many possibilities
and will appeal to youngsters.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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