BTC3 250 KV Tesla Coil / Lightning Generator

btc3 tesla coil plans lightning generator A tesla coil is one of the most fascinating electrical display devices to see in operation. A large unit can produce a continuous spark of a length exceeding the height of the coil. Electric discharges simulating lightning bolts will produce cracks of noise louder than a rifle shot.

These sparks as well as being highly impressive and attention getting alsocan produce bizarre effects to occur in most common materials. For example, wood may explode into splinters or made to glow with an errie reddish light from WITHIN. Insulating materials seem to be useless against this energy. Lights light without wires, sparks and corona in the form of St. Elmo’s fire occurs within proximity of the device. High energy electric and magnetic fields render electronic equipment useless. Phenomena not normally associated with standard HV electricity becomes apparent in the form of many weird and bizarre effects.

This project shows how to construct a device using a step up transformer producing 6000 volts at 20 ma from the 115 ac line. This voltage current combination can produce a painful shock and all attempts should be made to construct this device with some know how or experienced help. Safety rules should be followed at all times. The device also produces ozone – therefore, use in well ventilated area. Do not use for prolonged periods of time, 30 seconds on at any one time is ample for any demonstration. Avoid eye exposure to spark gap without ample protection such as safety glasses, shielding, etc. [ Transcriber's note: This is due to emission of invisible, high energy, ultra violet rays, that in a very painful way can damage your eyes. ]

The unit when constructed as shown can develop voltages up to and in excess of 250,000 volts. It will cause a discharge lamp such as a regular household fluorescent lamp to glow up to a distance of several feet from the unit. The high voltage center coil terminal can actually be touched with a piece of metal held securely in the demonstrators hand, creating quite a conversation piece.  

The unit can be used for exciting all types of gas discharge tubes, x-ray tubes, plucker tubes etc. It demonstrates corona, St. Elmo’s Fire and the effect of high voltage on many different types of materials. On a good dry day, with the device properly adjusted, it is possible to produce sparks 10″ to 12″ in length. It is designed for the experimenter who wishes to explore the effects of high frequency, high voltage energy.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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