Square tesla coil diy experiment

square tesla coil diy experiment

SQUARE WOUND TESLA COIL PLANS, uses transistors and a 3 kv neon sign transformer. Highly detailed with diagrams and complete written instructions. Includes plans for rotary spark gap.

Nikola Tesla, considered by some to be the greatest inventor of the electronic age, is today best remembered for his fascinating power transmission experiments using his famous tesla coil.

In his original experiment, he was able to transmit electrical energy without wires to light incandecsent lamps located over 25 miles away.

Today most tesla coils are used for experimental purposes. This square tesla experiment feeds AC to a power transformer capable of outputting about 3 kv AC at 20 milliamps. The output of the transformer is sent to a primary coil, and is magnetically coupled to a secondary coil with a top capacitance.

CLICK HERE to download and print these plans(pdf format)

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